Why not book a Zoom presentation- Special Rate of £50 per lecture

I really enjoy meeting with people when I go out to give talks but sadly this is not currently an available option so please talk to me about virtual meetings as so many more people now have come to grips with the technology.

I would ask your group to host the meeting and I will screen share. Of course, there will always be time for questions and some banter.

I still aim to entertain as well as educate. I have written a few more talks during lockdown and adapted others so that they are suitable. Even managed a gardener’s question time.

Virtual/Zoom talks allow me to “visit “groups who are outside my normal travel area – so far been as far away as Lytham St Anne’s and will be re-visiting shortly. I am happy continuing to Zoom even when we can return to normal as I am aware that some groups are considering this for future winter evenings.

All talks can be done by Zoom but I wrote these ones back in May specifically for the situation

Gardening in Lockdown deals with brief origins of gardening and how it helps us deal with issues in difficult times. 20 minutes to allow for questions. So can be done in 40 minute session

Colour Sets the Mood – written specifically for July – September looks in more depth at how gardening helps us deal with the current times but also looks at how shapes and colour affect our mood. This is usually presented over 30 minutes plus question time as long as you want it if you can host a long session