A varied list of digital talks for horticultural & gardening societies, U3A, WI and other groups.

I have a projector and tablet – all I need is a wall or screen and a table. Talks cost from £70 plus mileage. I like to bring some lavender and rose sachets with me to help raise money for my local hospice too so far over £1500 collected, many thanks to you all.

Option to Zoom talk (£50) will continue for groups further away or, perhaps, who wish to zoom in winter.

The Rose – Wilderness to Wonder A journey around the ancient world of the rose from the age of the dinosaur to about 2,000 years ago. For although one talks of the “English Rose” that’s not quite the case

Bulbs and Rhizomes: Many plants have uses other than to look pretty and its amazing what you know but never thought about them here we look at the medicinal and food usages of about 30 plants

Capel Manor Talks:

A Taste of Capel Manor A little of the history of Capel Manor as well as a look at some of my favourite gardens and anecdotes

Capel & Show Winning Gardens Ever wondered what makes a Winning Garden? Let me explain and also take you on a virtual tour of some of the gardens at Capel Manor and elsewhere but with a Capel connection that have won RHS show medals and how they have been adapted for all year interest.

Bible Plant Series – These are stand alone talks and suitable for many types of groups they are not religious but look at the usages of plants when the holy books were written.

Tu B’Shevat Trees – Six Biblical Trees associated with the Jewish New Year for Trees which takes place mid-winter. I briefly explain the origins of the festival and then look in more detail at Almond, Apricot, Fig (2 types), Pomegranate and Carob – well have to stop somewhere.

The Plants on the Passover Plate Whether you call the Passover Meal a Seder or the Last Supper matters not.  What I am looking at is the plants that appear on the symbolic plate. Today’s representatives are highly unlikely to have appeared on the plates of 2,000 years ago; indeed the plants today vary from country to country. This talk traces the likely evolution as well as looking at the plants and their usages.

The Four Species – Plants of Valour & Value A look at Willow, Citron, Myrtle and Palm and why these plants were so important to the people of those times as well as their garden usage

Bible Gold – Frankinsence, Myrrh & More A deeper look into these wonderful aromatics which were worth their weight in gold. Where do they come from, what are their properties and……..

Ancient Gardens – Before the Common Era Investigating the beginnings of gardening- Eden onwards and how some things never change.


Colour Sets the Mood –  Explores the design concepts of how shapes and colour affect our mood. It is very much an interactive session as hopefully you will all want to add your thoughts as we journey through this presentation

Why Gardens – A presentation including a little bit of history, geography, pyschology our need to impact on our envirnoment and most of all humour

Winter Wonders – Tall to small: plants to add colour, structure and scent to your winter garden from November to March. Some will be familiar others will not, a few old favourites feature in other talks so not here.

Orange & Black – The Planning and Planting of a Garden in MS Society (or Barnet FC) Colours It started with a garden design and build for a football fan and was looked into by a local MS Society who wanted to use these colours in their garden

Oranges and Lemons Something a little different and not about either of these fruits or the colours but a look at some familiar plants and some you may not know that smell just like……..A bit of fun with some obscure facts thrown in!

Naturally Native – Gardening with British Natives at Home – We look at about 30 plants (and their cultivars) that are native to the British Isles and suitable for garden use, helping you to attract nature and work with our climate. This talk can be customised for Clay, Chalk, Loam & Sand as long as you let me know.

Urban Oasii: Regreening England We have lost much of our green landscape whether gardens or playing fields; problems are arising because of this. Together we will look at ways to re-dress the balance – walls, roofs, rain gardens to create a sustainable future. My take on “Greening the Grey”.

Gardening for Wildlife This is not just how we can bring wildlife in but a look at what we are losing both in flora and fauna

Gardening in the Third Age – Gadgets & Gizmos Whether it be purpose bought or just an old milk bottle adaptation; this is a look at ways we can make gardening easier and enjoyable not outdoor housework. I also talk about the benefits of gardening for health, exercise and relaxation.

Horticulture – Healing Therapy for Mind, Body & Soul Since the times of the pyramids horticulture has been used as therapy. Now it has become recognised along with the benefits of gardening. HT is available on prescription in some countries but not here!

A Memorial Garden Not just a cemetery garden but the whole process of design and execution from Conception to Completion quite challenging when there are over 30 people all having a say.

The Creation of A British Woodland & Meadow Cemetery As a result of the Memorial Garden I became  horticultural/landscape advisor to the Jewish Joint Burial Society. This is the story of the creation of their new Cemetery and ultimately conservation pr.oject. It is peaceful and pleasing, full of nature, continuing to flourish as we create new habitats year by year

Seeds – Spread to Survive Did you think that only birds and bees fly or that man invented velcro. Well think again; join me on a joyful journey with a multitude of seeds as they spread themselves around – by means foul and fair and, no, not in packets.

Astounding Adaptions – Survivial of the Fittest Plants have been around for far longer than man. This presentation looks at the wonderful ways some have adapted to ensure their continuation as well as things we take for granted.

Astounding Adaptions – Freezing Waste to Torrid Tropics Many of you are fascinated by series on TV.  This is my look plants that interest me, some of which are really unusual and some you will know in their natural habitats. So join me as we visit the Artic, Oceans, Tropics and many points in between.